At Sand Lake Dermatology Center, scars are treated with a variety of different modalities depending on the degree of scarring. Treatment of scars may range from medium-depth peeling to laser abrasion and manual dermasanding. Occasionally subcision is used, which is undermining of deeper scars with a needle to raise up the scars. Also, punch excision of pinpoint scars is used, sometimes with grafting. Filler substances can be used, together with topical therapy. For reddish scars due to acne, trauma, or surgery, the V-beam pulsed dye laser is also very effective.  For scars that follow surgery and may be slightly raised up, dermasanding is beneficial as well as Surgitron smoothing. In addition, injection of dilute low concentrations of cortisone into raised scars can also be beneficial. Because of the different modalities used for different types of scarring, consultation is essential to determine the best surgical and/or medical approach to scarring.

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