Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to Sand Lake Dermatology Center

Sand Lake Dermatology Center has been a well-respected dermatology practice since opening its doors 28 years ago. Our practice is rooted in traditional, patient-centered values where the needs of the patient come first. Having all of our providers work together in one office allows us to utilize a team approach-- with physicians, physician assistants and nurses all collaborating to provide the best care for each patient.

We partner closely with you to solve your skin care concerns. Deeply passionate about dermatology and skin care, our providers find medical dermatology particularly satisfying, helping acne patients achieve results and—especially critical in sunny Central Florida—educating their patients about skin cancer and the importance of yearly exams. When it comes to aesthetic dermatology, Sand Lake Dermatology Center is unique in its gentle, conservative approach, making every effort to offer patients a natural, youthful means of non-surgical skin rejuvenation.

Christopher Crotty, M.D. and Allison Arthur, M.D. are both Mayo-clinic trained physicians that are board-certified in Dermatology and Dermatopathology with intensive training and practice in internal medicine, dermatology, pathology, and surgery. Drs. Crotty, Arthur and Mailler, along with board certified Physician Assistants Gina Mangin, Theresa Helsel, Jessie Holland and Lauren McConeghy, offer the full spectrum of aesthetic dermatological procedures and also welcome the challenge of difficult diagnostic and therapeutic diseases of the skin, hair and nails including:

  • Autoimmune and bullous disorders of the skin such as pemphigoid and dermatitis herpetiformis
  • Skin diseases of systemic illness and immunosuppression
  • Disorders of the mouth and mucous membranes
  • 2nd opinion dermatopathology
  • Drug reactions
  • Complete skin cancer evaluation including melanoma and dysplastic mole checks
  • Complete phototherapy including Narrowband Ultraviolet Light, Grenz and Excimer Laser
  • Complete psoriasis treatment including Narrowband Ultraviolet Light, Biologics, Cyclosporine and Soriatane
  • Complete acne treatment including Isotretinoin (Accutane), Phototherapy, Acne Peels and Acne Facials
  • Laser treatments for red/brown blemishes and skin rejuvenation
  • Scar and keloid treatments including acne scarring
  • Comprehensive patch testing for allergic skin diseases
  • Pediatric skin care, mole and birthmark evaluations
  • Treatment for generalized itching and eczema
  • Psychodermatology

Our training and experience, as well as our commitment to continuing medical education, gives us the ability to care for patients with difficult diagnostic problems. Our skilled, compassionate staff delivers exceptional care using the most advanced treatments and technologies.

A current message from our team:  “The events of the past few days and weeks, with the senseless killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, have thrown a harsh and unforgiving spotlight on racism in our country and, in a broader sense, on how we choose to treat each other as human beings. We stand with those who experience oppression because of their race. We deplore all acts of violence. 

At Sand Lake Dermatology Center, we renew our dedication as individuals, and as an organization, to use our work to support and lift up our patients and each other, without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, and religion.  We know going forward, that needed changes will begin with people and policies. We are committed to listening, to doing the work, and being a part of change that is significant and lasting.

With awareness, all of us can contribute to a more just and equitable society.”