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The Madonna Eye Lift, developed by Dr. Bruce Katz in New York, is a non-surgical laser eye lift that eliminates wrinkles, tightens skin and lifts sagging brows for a younger look to the eye using a COfractional laser. Fractional treatments allow a gentler use of lasers around the eye area, while still accomplishing the impressive skin tightening that makes this laser useful at reducing wrinkles and laxity. When these techniques are employed around the eyes, a marked improvement can be seen in hooding, loose or crepey skin, and these treatments can even lighten dark circles and help lift the eyebrows.

Although Dr. Katz suggests that this is a virtually painless, no-downtime procedure, we do prepare patients for something a bit more significant. In addition to a potent anesthetic cream which we have patients apply to the skin in two coats, first one hour, and then again 20 minutes before the procedure to minimize any possible discomfort. Once patients are relaxed, anesthetic and lubricant drops are placed in the eyes and protective metal eye shields (much like opaque contact lenses) are inserted. The laser treatments usually last only 5-10 minutes.

Although Dr. Katz allows patients to wear makeup immediately following the treatment, we have found patients heal better if the skin is kept clean, only covered with protective moisturizer. It is normal for the area around the eyes to be somewhat reddened and puffy, particularly the first day. A typical treatment ablates 11-33% of the skin, removing old or damaged collagen which contributes to laxity. The heat generated in the tissue also helps the surrounding skin tighten and stimulates further collagen remodeling. Due to this stimulation of collagen in the deeper dermis, most patients notice ongoing improvement in the area several months after treatment.

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